Thursday, January 25, 2018

Gentle Giant Octopus

Today I am reviewing a children's picture book by Karen Wallace entitled Gentle Giant Octopus, written for children 4-8.

Karen Wallace captures a 'slice of life' image of a Giant female octopus searching for a place to make a den and lay her eggs.  The story is both entertaining and informative.

Excitement builds as the search progresses, and the octopus is bitten by a crab and looses part of an arm to a Wolf eel.

But all is well when she finds just the right spot to make her den.  

Female octopuses die shortly after their eggs hatch.  This is handled with gentleness and sensitivity at the end of the story.

There is a forward at the beginning and an index at the end of the book, lending helpful information for teachers and parents.  Large, colorful illustrations make this a good book to read to one child or to a whole classroom of children. 


1.  Book cover:  [Image via]

2.  Internal page:   [Image via]   

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