Saturday, September 15, 2018

Ten Fantastic Facts About The Ocean

1.  The ocean is home to an estimated 50-80% of all life on earth.

2.  Very tiny plant organisms called phytoplankton live in the ocean.  They use photosynthesis to produce more than half of all oxygen on the planet.

3.  The ocean contains 96% of all water on earth.  The remaining 4% is freshwater from rivers, lakes, and ice.   

4.  The ocean covers 70% of the earth's surface and helps to regulate our climate and weather.  

5.  The ocean contains 99% of all living space on our planet.  

6.  The ocean produces medicinal ingredients used to fight Alzheimer's disease, cancer, and heart disease.

7.  More than 90% of the ocean is unexplored.

8.  The ocean absorbs 25% of all the carbon dioxide we humans produce each year.  This reduces the greenhouse gas effect on our planet.

9.  Coral reefs have been called the rainforests of the ocean.  Reefs provide food and habitat to a vast array of marine life.

10.  The ocean is very special.  It relaxes our mind and renews our spirit.  People have been seeking the ocean for rest and rejuvenation for hundreds of years.

If we work together, we can protect this priceless resource.  It is the key to life as we know it on earth.

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