Friday, June 22, 2018

Wish For A Fish: All About Sea Creatures

Today I am reviewing a children's picture book by Bonnie Worth entitled Wish For A Fish: All About Sea Creatures, written for children ages 4-8.

Wish For A Fish: All About Sea Creatures is part of the The Cat in the Hat Learning Library.

As the story begins, readers are invited to join a group of children climbing aboard the S.S. Undersea Glubber, a fantasy vehicle capable of traveling to the bottom of the ocean.  

The Cat in the Hat is the instructor, teaching young readers about the different marine life encountered on the way toward the Trench at the bottom of the sea.  At first the animals look familiar; but by the time the vessel travels below 3,300 feet, the critters start looking pretty strange.  The illustrations are drawn in Suess-like fashion.

Although Wish For A Fish is not intended to be textbook accurate, most of the animals are recognizable and a lot of the information is factual.  Wish For A Fish is a fun read for ocean enthusiasts: child and adult alike.

There is a Glossary and For Further Reading list at the end of the book.

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