Friday, March 23, 2018

Dolphin Baby!

Today I am reviewing a children's picture book by Nicola Davies entitled Dolphin Baby!, written for children 5-8.

Dolphin is born into a world full of the love and security of his Mom.  She is his protector: teaching him how to breathe, where to swim, how to talk, and how to fish.  She is his nurturer: feeding him thorough her nipples and stroking him with her flippers.

The reader swims along with Dolphin as he grows.  We delight when he learns to play with friends and to practice clicking.   And we celebrate the day when he is old enough to catch a fish and to whistle his own special name.  

Young readers will enjoy hearing this story and watching Dolphin grow.  As he matures and spends more time away from Mom, all is well.  Her security is always 'just a whistle away'.

Brita Granstrom's illustrations pulsate with the color and energy of wild dolphins. 

Back matter provides information about bottlenose dolphins that parents and educators will appreciate.  The index provides independent readers a way to practice its usage. 

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